Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Family Command Center & Chalkboard Lettering

Hello fellow Bloggers!

I am so excited! 
Today I get to share with you my new
 {Family Command Center} 
then I will share the chalkboard lettering tutorial.

We were using this built-in in our dinning room to store random dishes, pitchers, and etc.
Being that it was in the center of our home and we were already  
using the cubby to store our keys and wallets I thought this might be
 the best spot for our command center.

 I pulled everything out of it, got to work cleaning it, then painting. I used the same white paint I have chosen for all the trim work in our house, and then used a light grey for the cubby and interior shelves.
I painted the glass windows in the upper cabinet doors with four coats of chalk paint, inside and out.

Here is a closer picture of our new and improved 
cabinet doors. I love that we can now inject a little personality 
by writing messages or Bible verses to display.

We are currently using the inside left cabinet door to write our
grocery list or messages to each other. Also, on the left cabinet door is a 
printable I created for our "weekly schedule." 
I laminated it so that we can reuse it each week. 
I used command hooks and binder clips to hang the printables.

Command hooks are kind of AWESOME.

The bottom cabinet holds cook books and two bins containing travels mugs, 
and reusable water bottles. I haven't painted inside there yet, so I will share those pictures later.
The drawer beneath the cubby holds our phone books, batteries, and flashlights.

On the inside of the right cabinet door, I created a "cleaning schedule" printable 
and hung it along with a colorful clipboard, notepad, and pen. I can share a closer look and more detail 
of the printables in a later post if you guys are interested. 

The cubby used to hold just one large tray as a catchall. 
I decided it looked way to cluttered, so I swapped it out for a smaller wooden basket 
and two blue Ball mason jars {Confession: I may be a tad bit obsessed with mason jars}.
 We use one jar for pens, pencils, and now dry erase markers
 (so that I can easily mark on the schedule). The other jar is for catching coins.

 I love this notepad!!! I picked it up at TJMAXX for $4.99, a great find.
The best part?? That pink pencil, is actually a pen. 
I wanted to fill the Command Center with colorful tools to organize with so that I 
would actually stay organized. Let's hope it works!

Our bottom shelf holds our Bibles and journals on the left and 
our family binders on the right. Also, a purple receipt catcher is on the 
stack of binders. At the end of the day I place all the receipts in the envelope 
then at the end of the week I record them, and organize them into categories.

The second shelf holds our current reads, a glass jar for chalk and one for paper clips and 
binder clips, and a photo of our sweet boys.

On the top shelf I have divided papers, stamps, envelopes, and greeting cards 
among the different boxes and folders.

So there you have it!! Our new Command Center has been in working
order for about two weeks now, and it HAS been an improvement.
My Handsome Man loves that he knows where to put and find his Bible each morning, 
he is also enjoying being able to quickly glance at our weekly schedule on his
way out the door. We are thoroughly enjoying it!

And now for our 
{Chalkboard Lettering Tutorial}

I used black chalk board paint from Rust-Oleum. I painted three coats, waiting the 
recommended amount of time between each. Then I VERY LIGHTLY sanded the third coat, wiped it 
clean with a damp paper towel, and then painted the final fourth coat of paint. I followed directions and waited three days before writing on it with the chalk.

I used two different methods to create my chalk board message.
First, I sketched the letters by hand before transferring them to 
the chalkboard. Once I completed my sketch, I turned the paper 
over and rubbed chalk over the backside until completely covered.

*We have an old wood table, so I placed a clipboard underneath the sketch 
for a smoother surface. And then I placed a blank sheet of paper between the clipboard 
and my sketch to protect my pretty clipboard from 
pencil marks and would have transferred 
onto it.

Once I finished rubbing the backside of the sketch with chalk, 
I taped it to the chalkboard and began tracing with a pencil.

It was quit a mess.

Here is what it looks like after you've traced it.

It's just very light, so you then go over it with your chalk.

The second method I tried was printing off the message, then transferring it the same way as before.
It was MUCH MUCH faster. And a little less messy when tracing.

You can see that after I printed off the words, 
I added a little more flair with my pencil.

And here is the final result!!
It was time consuming, but now that it's done it was so worth it.

What better motivation to stay organized than opening up a pretty cupboard 
to find lots of cheery colors and all the tools you need in one spot! 

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  1. This is awesome, I love it! I'm a new follower ;)

  2. Wow! That looks great! Thanks for sharing how to do the chalkboard lettering, too!