Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Transfer Methods and Living Room Sneak Peak!

Hello All! 
I wanted to share with you two cute new pillows I made using two different transfer methods!
And this is the first time you will be seeing pics of part of the living room. 
I am not done painting in there but I am soo happy with the color so I thought I would share a little peak!

The monogrammed pillow was made using the freezer paper transfer method, 
and the love birds pillow was made using the citra-solv method.

CitraSolv Method: So Easy! All you need is your fabric, the image you want printed with a laser printer, CitraSolv (a household cleaner), and a spoon. I always wear gloves since the cleaner concentrate is pretty strong. Also, some like to paint the CitraSolv on with a paint brush, I just prefer to wet a paper towel to wet the backside of the image. After the back of the image is dampened with the CitraSolv you use the backside of your spoon and rub the image into the fabric....

And this is how it looked when done!

Freezer Paper Transfer:  Depending on your image this can be quick and easy. You trace your image on the non-glossy side of the freezer paper, then use an exact-o knife to cute out the image. Once done, you iron your freezer paper glossy side down onto the fabric. Using a stencil brush you can then paint on your image.
Make sure you iron on the paper really well to prevent the paint from seeping past the stencil!

Here are both the pillows in my newly painted living room!

I was at my sister-in-laws house when I saw her bathroom painted this color.
I did not waste anytime getting home and using that same color in my living room!
I think it's a beautiful blend of blue, green, and grey!

Happy Blogging!

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Cute Totes with Rosettes

 I made a couple of totes this last month for a few family members having birthdays!
I hope they like them!

I used the freezer paper transfer method for these. 

On the monogrammed tote I used an eggplant color which I thought would 
be cute with the lavender and grey rosettes.

And on the Boomer Sooner tote I used a charcoal grey paint. 

After I made the rosettes I hot glued them into place and then 
stitched them on just to make sure they stay put!

Cute Right?

Happy Blogging!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nuts about Jute Netting

 Hello fellow bloggers!
I am a big fan of old jars and jugs, so when I came across this big 
green glass jug at an antique store I snatched it up. I've been thinking
that it needed a little something extra, so I decided to make a 
jute net to go around the body of the jug.

So here is the final product! 
What do you think? Pretty cool huh? 

As you can see I also made a net for one of the Ball jars I painted blue.

I recently picked up the square lantern at a thrift store for only a dollar!!

With the jute net and the sand inside the jar,
 you really can't tell that the blue color was painted on!
I will share the post of the canning jars painted blue later on.

A cute a summery vignette.
I think the jug looks so much better now with the net! 

Happy Blogging!
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Burlap Inspirations

As much as I would love to take credit for the following crafts I have to 
admit I came across two different blogs from two different and creative women. 
I love simple ideas that don't require a lot of time or hard to find supplies and decided 
to give these two projects a try.

The first craft is a Fourth of July wreath inspired by Angie at The Country Chic Cottage
and you can see her version of the wreath here.

This is the wreath I made. I used a foam wreath from Hobby Lobby, 
burlap cut into strips, a blue fabric with stars, a red gingham fabric, and a hot glue gun.

I am really happy with the results!! 
I think it gives off a rustic yet cottage-y look!
I created red and blue stripes out of fabric rosettes.

The rosettes were easy. I just cut the fabric into 2 to 3 inch strips, 
then tied a loose knot in one end to get started. Then I twisted the fabric occasionally while 
wrapping it around the knot. I would use the hot glue gun to secure it about every two twists or so.
If interested in a more detailed tutorial on the rosettes let me know.

I was torn as to whether or not I should add the bow...
I'm glad I did, I like it!

I am excited I had the chance to get this done before baby #2 arrived!

So what do you think? Like the wreath?

The next craft was inspired by Taylor from Living in the Woods and you can find her
version of this project here. I love her site!

I started out with an old memory board I had in the garage.
I had a change of heart concerning the colors of this board so I 
stashed it away to give to a friend or sell.
I am so glad I ended up keeping it and giving it a makeover!

Here is the board I made, I love using burlap! 
I really like natural fabrics and the farmhouse appeal they create.

I love the texture. I have been trying to add lots of different
textures around the house. 

I added a vintage-y "F" and a couple of paint samples
 that I've been holding onto.

I will soon add a couple pictures of my sons to grace the board.

Thanks to the ladies who inspired me!
The projects were easy and fun to do.

Happy Blogging Ladies!