Friday, December 30, 2011

Blanket Stitch Pillows and My $12 Quilt

Happy New Year!
I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas Holiday. I've been so spoiled 
with my Handsome Hubby here at home with me for a whole week!
Loving every minute of it! 
I've also had some time to do a little crafting here, and little sewing there,
and some rearranging almost everywhere. I thought I would share with you
some of my most recent work. I mentioned in my last post that my sewing machine broke 
(since then my neighbor has given me one of her' sweet!) But before I received 
my new old machine I did a little sewing by hand.

I shared with you in my last post that I recently learned how to sew a blanket stitch.
I even made our stockings this Christmas using the blanket stitch and you can see those darlings here.
More recently I made a couple of white throw pillows using a fuzzy grey acrylic yarn for the stitch.

Here they are on my bed.

I love how beautifully the grey yarn contrasted against the white linens.

I love the homey feel a hand sewn stitch creates.

I found that sewing these pillows by hand was surprisingly relaxing, 
and even though I now have a working sewing machine I find myself trying
to find little projects I can do without it.

Also in these pics is my new favorite quilt! 
A great $12 find at an antique store I visited in Colorado.

I just love how these muted colors come together
in a beautiful and warm way.

And just one more close look at the stitch.

Isn't that quilt just lovely?

Thanks for stopping by!! Check back for more to come soon!
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