Friday, November 11, 2011

Gorgeous Fall Mantel on a Budget

Hello All! Happy Fall!
One of my favorite times of the year.
It's fun to watch all of the leaves changing and gracefully falling
to the ground, making fires in the fireplace to cuddle up next to, 
watching a pair of yearling does prance around each other in the
backyard on a crisp morning, and we can't forget the gorgeous fall decor!
What's not to love?

So here it is! 
Our Fall Mantel for this year; simple, sweet, and on the cheap.
Everything on the mantle was either a gift, a thrift store or 
bargain store purchase, or free!

I made the "Give Thanks" leaves out of pages from a thrift 
store book. So super simple!

The old mirror you've seen before here, it was free at an antique store.
The vase you have seen my bedroom, it was a gift from my Great Aunt.

Things don't stay put in my house, 
I am constantly rearranging and moving stuff around.

I think I might have the "Thanks" moved to read from right 
to left instead of left to right.

The apothecary jar was from TJMaxx, 
and those books were from a thrift store for 50 cents each.

The pine cones were from my friend's front yard. :)
And the pumpkins were from Walmart, less then $2 for 3 pumpkins.

The garland was made from coffee filters, it was kind of a pain,
I haven't decided if I'll do that again.

I love the soft colors of the pumpkins. 
I like how they are white, but they still have hints of fall
colors in them.

This candle stick was a $1.99 at a thrift store, 
it's a beautiful blue color.

You can't go wrong with tattered books, 
especially in muted hues.

I used natural and neutral colors on the mantel. 
I wanted a soft look.

This is the most of my living room I've shown at once!
It's still not ready for the full reveal. I'm working on it, 
I'm just at anxious to see it all complete. :)

P.S. Pay no attention to those ugly light fixtures...
they won't be allowed to stay!

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