Sunday, June 12, 2011

Printing on Fabric!

So Sorry! I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, I am 36 weeks along in my pregnancy and probably won't be able to post as regularly as I'd like for a while.

Although! I did manage to finish a project a few weeks ago and happened to have the time and energy today to post it!

I am so excited about these pillows! 
They were so simple and I love how vintage they look!

I got the amazing graphics from the Graphics Fairy
I can't tell you how much I love her website!

I used the printing on fabric method to get the images directly onto the 
canvas material I used to make the pillows. I was so afraid to fabric through my printer, I thought "Man if I ruin our new printer... I will be in sooo much trouble!"  
It was totally worth it.

I gave the three pillows as a set to my Mom for Mother's Day.
I miss them... :)

For anyone interested in a photo tutorial on how to print on fabric, 
you can find it here!

The only downfall I could find using that method, is that I had to stick with pieces of fabric that were 8x11 so they would fit in the printer. Which meant I couldn't make bigger pillows using only one sheet of fabric. 
I am currently researching other methods that aren't too complicated and time consuming but will produce larger images so I can make some BIG pillows! 

With one preschooler and a baby soon to arrive I won't even consider methods that have too many steps or require too much time, I am much too lazy for that. 
I am all for the projects that are as fun to make and they are to look at!

Hope you like!!

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  1. i'm glad that i got to see them in person- they're beautiful!!! it's such a neat idea!!

  2. Those look fantastic! What a great idea!

  3. Hi Stefani! I LOVE your pillows! I love the black ruffle. That graphic is one of my fav's from the GF. I love her site too! I've tried to run the canvas drop cloth fabric thru my printer but it just jams up. I can only use thin fabric like muslin. Would you mind sharing which printer you use?

  4. Oh Your pillows are fab! I have been wanting to do this for a while, but had the same concern as you...the size! I want larger pillows and am wondering too how to accomplish that. If you find out, I would love to know. If I figure it out, I will share it with you : )

  5. Those are really pretty. I'd love to try this, but am pretty curious about the "how to" on getting fabric to go through the printer...sounds scary! LOL... can you give a wee bit more info? :) Please. :)

  6. These are wonderful. Have been wanting to do pillows and I am truly inspired after seeing yours. I have tried this before using 28 count Irish Linen from Charles Craft which measures 15" x 18" for a small project. I will post my project on my blog @

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! They turned out so great!


  9. NÁDHERNÉ PRÁCE :-))))

  10. Hi. I found you from the Block blog party. Your pillows are fantastic! What a great gift for your mom. I also just did this technique and love how it works. Thanks so much!
    Have a great week!
    ~ Julie

  11. Those are just beautiful!! I haven't tried printing on drop cloth fabric yet but it looks great! Do you have any ideas on how to make it water resistant ?
    I am so glad to have found your wonderful blog!


  12. I love your pillows and the Graphics Fairy blog.


  13. Your pillows turned out so pretty and totally charming!

  14. Gorgeous pillows,, thanks for linking up and good luck with the pregnancy, almost there!

  15. I'm visiting you from the blog block party. Those pillows came out awesome. You are brave to put the fabric through the printer. I am your latest follower. I am hosting another leg of the blog block party tonight. Hope you will drop by and say hi and consider following me back. Thanks.

  16. I love your pillows and I remember feeling the same way the first time I fed fabric through my printer. Luckily, it's really old and came free when we bought an older computer. Coming over from Common Ground and a happy new follower!


  17. They look great! You are a sweet daughter to give them to mom.

    Nice to visit with you.

  18. I am so going to check out your tutorial! I have wanted to try the Citra Solv method - but haven't had the opportunity - your results are fantastic!
    Now, 36 weeks in the summertime - I was there with my first born -it is hard enough being pregnant let alone in the summertime! Hope all goes well for you! Thank you for sharing this - I have been inspired!

  19. Well you CAN "just" buy a larger desktop printer- that is, if you happen to have the extra cash and space. A large format inkjet printer will print up to what is equal to TWO sheets of letterhead side by side, perhaps a bit larger. The Canon Pro9000 mk 2 is probably the best and cheapest. Canon printers don't jam like Epson printers- they aren't as fussy and the ink is cheaper.
    I don't know about the large format HP printers- they also make a large format model. If you go on eBay you might be able to find an overstock model for 200.00. DON'T ever buy a "USED" inkjet printer- I can assure you it will need repairs! A factory refurb is good though.
    Search for a printer 200 bucks or less- they ARE out there if you look. I've bought 3 over the past 3 years!

  20. Print the image on the 8x11 then sew that rectangle to the pillow front, any size you an 18x18....and trim the edges with lace or ribbon then sew the pillow front and back together,,,,add ruffle trim or whatever. Print on plain fabric and sew to same fabric or a print to match.....Cleo

  21. May i ask where to find the bird graphic?