Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rocking Chair Slipcover Reveal

Ta-Da! My first slipcover! Here is the gliding rocking chair that was given to me. What do you think?

Not too bad for a first timer right?

 It took me so long I because I had to get re-acquainted with my sewing machine. I keep making the most embarrassing mistakes! I put the needle in backwards which set me back a day, then I put the bobbin thread in backwards which set me back two more days!! 

You live you learn, right?

The rocking chair will probably not stay in the office, I cannot decide if it'll go
 in the baby's nursery or in the living room. 

 Taking these pictures has got me thinking we need to repaint our bookcase a lighter color! It's a little too dark in our office, especially in the evenings when our light is limited!

 A couple of closer pictures...

Next will be the sofa and the love seat. I will be going on vacation in just two days and I 
have a couple things I'd like to post before I go, we'll see if I have the time. 
If only I could pack and post at the same time. :)

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  1. It looks great, Stef!!! Very nice job!

  2. Wow...very impressive!!! I've never attempted anything like that. Cording scares me!!!!! You have some major talent. If you get more lamps, your office bookshelves may not look as dark. Of course, I almost feel like you can't have too many lamps. That's just me!!

  3. Great job! I just found a table like yours at Goodwill and you've helped me decide on black over white. :) My hubby would love seeing the deer in the background as he dreams of doing this to our house too. And I have a tall lamp I wasn't sure about keeping but it looks great. This is just what I needed to see. thanks!

  4. my curtains also look exactly the same!

  5. Great sewing job! It fits that chair so well and the skirt looks great!

  6. Do you have a pattern is right!
    I have a tiny swivel rocker that I love, but it is totally the wrong color!