Monday, April 4, 2011

My Little Step Ladder

I've been looking for a little step ladder like this for a while so I was pumped when I ran into this one a couple weekends ago at a garage sale with a $2 price tag.

I painted it an aqua blue with spray paint. I didn't want it to look new, so I wasn't gonna spend a lot of time or money on it. 

I have been painting the kitchen and laundry nook in pale colors so I choose the bright aqua to add an unexpected splash of color since the ladder will be stored next to the washing machine.

I love how even after two coats of paint you can still see the cracks in the old wood. Normal wear and tear will take care of the distressing for me. 

I'm hoping to finish up the rocking chair's slipcover today during my son's nap.
 Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. I love a $2 bargain. And the paint looks good. I'm eager to see it in the space?

  2. I promise to get pics of the laundry nook up soon! Just need to finish painting the stripes.

  3. I'm lovin that bench! I'm actually so jealous. I need a bench for my daughter's piano she got for FREE but without a bench, and something like that would be so stinking cute! I can't wait to see what you do with it.