Saturday, April 30, 2011

Laundry Nook

 I've been promising to get pictures of the laundry nook on here, and I kept procrastinating since my old washer and dryer set made me cringe every time I tried to take cute pictures of the nook. Lucky for me the washing machine broke the day before I left to visit family, and while I was away my couldn't-be-more-perfect-husband surprised me with a new washer and dryer!! I am so blessed to have that man in my life!

Without further ado here are the before pictures...

And now....what we've all been waiting for...
(Cue the heavenly music)

I used paint samples on the shelves when I was trying to decide what color to paint the kitchen cabinets. So even though you can't tell, those shelves are three different shades of white!
When I get the chance I will repaint the shelves the shade of white that I finally chose.

My grandmother's washboard was placed ever so strategically over the hole where 
the hoses for the washer and dryer hook up to the wall. And I used 
an antique wood box to corral a few laundry essentials like the 
apothecary jar filled with Oxy Clean, 
a jar full of clothes pins, and dryer sheets.

I picked up this wooden box at a thrift store for just a couple of bucks.
I love boxes, bins, crates, baskets....etc.

While visiting my grandmother she gave me these adorable tins that
 just happen to be the right colors for our kitchen.
 I love that they belonged to my grandmother!

A better look at the washboard my grandmother passed on to me.

These large glass jars were an awesome garage sale find, and I made the 
coordinating labels out of scrap booking paper. Perfect for storing flour, sugar, etc.

The little step ladder that I painted is tucked in there on the left! 
It's the perfect splash of color and has come in handy so many times.

I am so happy to be home and have been excited about creating a few more posts, but the further
 along in the third trimester of my pregnancy I get the less and less I'll be able to post. I am hoping to 
scrape up enough energy to create posts while I can!! On my trip to visit family I made sure to hit up thrift stores and antique stores that I hardly ever get to visit, I will post pics of all my finds soon! 

Also, just wanted to say a Thank You to Mike, my husband, for the gracious and sweet surprise
 and also for helping me with painting the nook! It wouldn't look this good without your help. Love you Babe!

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  1. Great transformation! Love all the open storage and the painted stripes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Stephanie!

    About my welcome pillow...I printed the words in two parts on the printer. Then I did the 'old school' method I was taught when I didn't have carbon paper back in the day...simply rubbed the back of the paper with pencil so I could trace my letters to the fabric. I did have to press hard and it mostly tore right through it, ending up with more of a stencil. But it worked and then use fabric paint or a Sharpie;)

  3. Very pretty. I just love the big jars you used.

  4. What a nice husband! Your laundry room looks so nice. I bet it's more fun to do laundry now. :)