Saturday, April 30, 2011

Laundry Nook

 I've been promising to get pictures of the laundry nook on here, and I kept procrastinating since my old washer and dryer set made me cringe every time I tried to take cute pictures of the nook. Lucky for me the washing machine broke the day before I left to visit family, and while I was away my couldn't-be-more-perfect-husband surprised me with a new washer and dryer!! I am so blessed to have that man in my life!

Without further ado here are the before pictures...

And now....what we've all been waiting for...
(Cue the heavenly music)

I used paint samples on the shelves when I was trying to decide what color to paint the kitchen cabinets. So even though you can't tell, those shelves are three different shades of white!
When I get the chance I will repaint the shelves the shade of white that I finally chose.

My grandmother's washboard was placed ever so strategically over the hole where 
the hoses for the washer and dryer hook up to the wall. And I used 
an antique wood box to corral a few laundry essentials like the 
apothecary jar filled with Oxy Clean, 
a jar full of clothes pins, and dryer sheets.

I picked up this wooden box at a thrift store for just a couple of bucks.
I love boxes, bins, crates, baskets....etc.

While visiting my grandmother she gave me these adorable tins that
 just happen to be the right colors for our kitchen.
 I love that they belonged to my grandmother!

A better look at the washboard my grandmother passed on to me.

These large glass jars were an awesome garage sale find, and I made the 
coordinating labels out of scrap booking paper. Perfect for storing flour, sugar, etc.

The little step ladder that I painted is tucked in there on the left! 
It's the perfect splash of color and has come in handy so many times.

I am so happy to be home and have been excited about creating a few more posts, but the further
 along in the third trimester of my pregnancy I get the less and less I'll be able to post. I am hoping to 
scrape up enough energy to create posts while I can!! On my trip to visit family I made sure to hit up thrift stores and antique stores that I hardly ever get to visit, I will post pics of all my finds soon! 

Also, just wanted to say a Thank You to Mike, my husband, for the gracious and sweet surprise
 and also for helping me with painting the nook! It wouldn't look this good without your help. Love you Babe!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Miscellaneous Mirrors

Just something pretty to look at...

It's a little sparse now, but I am always on the look out for a couple 
 unique mirrors to add to the collection.

I think a collection of different mirrors was the perfect way to add a 
little more natural light to our master bedroom.

I thought these cute buds from the backyard added a spring-y touch!

This necklace is one of my favorite antique store finds, isn't cute?

Mike and I received this Anniversary card a little over a year ago. 
It's so beautiful I just can't put it away.

The beautiful ceramic vase was a wedding gift
 that my great Aunt made. She was extremely talented!

Just a collection of things that have meaning and are beautiful to me.

I hope you enjoyed! I will post again when I return from vacation!

Rocking Chair Slipcover Reveal

Ta-Da! My first slipcover! Here is the gliding rocking chair that was given to me. What do you think?

Not too bad for a first timer right?

 It took me so long I because I had to get re-acquainted with my sewing machine. I keep making the most embarrassing mistakes! I put the needle in backwards which set me back a day, then I put the bobbin thread in backwards which set me back two more days!! 

You live you learn, right?

The rocking chair will probably not stay in the office, I cannot decide if it'll go
 in the baby's nursery or in the living room. 

 Taking these pictures has got me thinking we need to repaint our bookcase a lighter color! It's a little too dark in our office, especially in the evenings when our light is limited!

 A couple of closer pictures...

Next will be the sofa and the love seat. I will be going on vacation in just two days and I 
have a couple things I'd like to post before I go, we'll see if I have the time. 
If only I could pack and post at the same time. :)

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Before & After- Shaker Pegs

Below is a picture of the Shaker Pegs I picked up for $2 at a garage sale recently. I didn't think to get a picture of the pegs by themselves, but you get the point. 

Here is the After picture!! It was so simple and I really loved the way it turned out.

Not the best picture of my entry way, but you can get a sense 
of how I plan to put those shaker pegs to work!
I placed the pegs down low so my two year old son could put his own lil' backpack away. 
Once I finished taking photos of it, he was standing there with his Cars backpack in hand, 
just waiting to give it a hew home!
I am hoping to put a big mirror above the pegs, I just haven't found the right one.

My poor diaper bag has seen better days! :)

Don't you just love the stripes on the wall? 
I'll put some better pictures of our little entry way on later.

A simple project, but I am excited about how it turned out.

I will be finishing up with the slipcover for the gliding rocking chair very soon! 
Stay posted to see those photos!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

Went garage sale-ing last weekend and found a few things I'm pretty excited about. 

I can't remember what I paid for this cute lil' picture, but it's wasn't much. 
It looks pretty old and has a very cottage-y feel to it. 
I think someone will want it.

I've looked all over the internet and can't find  any information on this wood crate or the "Old News Bindery".
I don't think the crate is old, just unique.
It sits near our entryway and houses our shoes!
I love it.

Well, I've already broken the plate on the right. Bummer. The orchard basket behind
is holding a few jars I picked up, all of which have some kind of writing on them. 

I've already painted and hung the shaker pegs, and I am currently working on the frame.
I will post the shaker pegs' makeover shortly.

My favorite find is this terribly filthy, old bench!

I love the detail and can't wait to get to work on it!

Nice legs too. I'm just waiting to find the right fabric. 
I won't know how I want to paint it until I get my fabric, but I am really looking forward to it!

Hope the weather is nice this weekend! Gonna get while the gettin's good!